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तुम(You)-A Hindi Love Poem From a loving wife

तुम hindi love poem

Marriages are made in heaven, they said. “They” are right! तुम (You) is a dedication from a loving wife to her darling husband. India still believes in the tradition of arranged marriages. Such couples find love and best friends in one another after they start living together. Sonali and Prafulla met a couple of years ago in the same manner. And much like many others, they found they ended up falling madly in love with one another.

On 14th June 2019, they committed to each other by coming together in holy matrimony. They now complete one year of marriage! And when Sonali came to Love Smitten sharing her story of finding love after marriage, we couldn’t help but listen in awe. She shared their story of how they took two trips in one year, only to realize they were indeed made for each other. The constant battles of living together, adjusting to each other’s habits are now something she looks back to as comical moments to live by.

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Our happiness knew no bounds when she asked Love Smitten to make their first anniversary a special, and public one. So we decided to write them a poem, and publish it with their post-marriage love story!

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Here goes… You can catch the translation in the English language below. Don’t forget to check out our love compilation of the poem in a video. It showcases moments from this couple’s life.


मेरे मीत, मेरे गीत हो तुम,
जिसे ता-उम्र गुनगुनाऊ, वो संगीत हो तुम,
सपनों की दुनियाँ से जिसे मैंने चुराया,
मेरे हमसफ़र, मेरी उम्मीद हो तुम।

गुस्से में मुझपे, चिल्लाते हो तुम,
अगले ही पल, पिघल जाते हो तुम,
चुप रहकर बड़ा सताते हो तुम,
फिर भी बहुत पसंद आते हो तुम।

मेरी गुस्ताखीयों से जब नाराज़ होते हो तुम,
मुँह फुलाकर मुझसे जो अंजान बनते हो तुम,
यूँ लगता है कितनी अकेली हूँ मैं,
जब तक बाहों में मुझको ना भरते हो तुम।

है दिल में बहुत कुछ, पर छुपाते हो तुम,
मोहब्बत जो है वो ना दिखाते हो तुम,
मैं सब जानती हूँ, शर्माते हो तुम,
दिल ही दिल में मुझको बहुत चाहते हो तुम।

किस्मत थी मेरी जो मुझको मिले तुम,
मुझ जैसी झल्ली के पल्ले पड़े तुम,
वादा है मेरा, सुन लो ये तुम,
तुम्हारी हूँ मैं और सिर्फ मेरे हो तुम।

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You are my sweetheart, my lovely song,

You are the music that I can hum for lifelong,

I stole you from the world of dreams,

My darling, you are my hope!

You shout at me when you are angry,

You melt in the exact next moment,

Your silence troubles me,

And still, I love you so much!

When my mischiefs annoy you,

When you act indifferent with your grumpy face,

It makes me feel very lonely,

Until you fill me in the arms!

Your heart is filled with love for me but you hide it,

You hardly every express those feelings before me,

I know everything, you are shy,

You love me a lot from the depth of your heart!

It was my luck that I found you,

And you married a crazy woman,

Listen to me, this is my promise to you,

I am yours and you are only mine !

Now now… did these lines bring a smile to your face? Well, we thought so! Happy Anniversary to the both of you!

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Rajesh Kumar is the co-founder and author of the e-magazine Love Smitten. He is the author of the fiction novel The Love Victim.

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